Venom (2012)


It has been announced that there will be a Venom movie in 2012. The script is still being worked on, but all reports indicate it will not involve the Spider-Man character at all.


All we know is Venom will be battling a villain from the Marvel comics. Who could this possibly be? Your guess is as good as ours.

More info as it rolls in…


  1. they should make the movie based off the venom comics that would make the most since to me since there is a whole series base on him and fighting carnage or toxin would be great but they would ruin it just like they did with venom in the spider-man movie think they was thinking of carnage having a small whimpy look guy play him

  2. does spidey die???????????????????????????????????????????????? wtf is up with the late ?@#$ing date for this movie ????????????f anybody knows anything you can reach me at

  3. more crap made so loser fans can have something to watch thats not official comic just a rewrite to make dough we have all seen enough of that make an original

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