The Monuments Men (2013)

monuments men

The Monuments Men tells the true story of a small group of soldiers during WWII who were tasked with saving unique architecture and artwork that the Nazis were trying to destroy.

There’s something really interesting about this film. On the one hand, it’s directed by and starring George Clooney, and comes across as Ocean’s 11 fighting Nazis, but at the same time it’s very interesting to think about what Hitler and the Nazis were trying to do to not only Jews, but Jewish culture. You hear a lot about concentration camps and the horrors visited upon Jews, but the Nazis were so hate-filled that they were actually trying to destroy their culture. They tried to wipe out an entire group of people. Everything. A group of men trying to save that would actually be heroes. They weren’t just saving paintings, they were saving the history and culture of a people.

The Monuments Men

Like I said, George Clooney is directing, and he also cowrote The Monuments Men. He’s obviously had some huge success as both an actor and director, but I’d say his directing success has been more on the side of his serious stuff. Leatherheads was a flop, but Good Night, and Good Luck was a pretty big success.


The Monuments Men Trailer

The Monuments Men Release Date

December 18, 2013.

Who’s In It?

George Clooney . . . George Stout 
Jean Dujardin
Cate Blanchett
Paul Giamatti . . . Lincoln Kirstein
John Goodman
Daniel Craig

What’s Good About It?

The Monuments Men has a great cast, an interesting story, and the first trailer looks outstanding. I think this will fall into the category of Clooney’s films known as “Good.”

What’s Bad About It?

What if the film is revisionist like Inglorious Basterds and Hitler wins? WHAAA?

Our Clever Prediction

I’d expect The Monuments Men to be a pretty big hit. It looks like a lot of fun, and fairly safe, so more people will flock to it come this December.