The Liberator (2014) – A Simon Bolivar Biopic!

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The Liberator tells the story of Simon Bolivar, who fought the Spanish to liberate South America from foreign influence. He dreamt of a unified South America, and became a hero to many in Latin America.

I’m fairly well aware of Simon Bolivar, and his influence on politics in Latin America, and I know he’s pretty well regarded as a hero for fighting for independence. I’m not super familiar outside of that, so while this film will no doubt show much of his military and political success, it will also show the other side of his life that people are less familiar with, namely his love life and personal drive that lead to him fighting so hard for independence.

The Liberator

The Liberator comes from director Alberto Arvelo, who has directed a fair number of films, though nothing I’ve really heard of. Mostly Spanish language films it appears. Timothy J. Sexton wrote the screenplay for the film. His work I’m a bit better aware of, including writing Children of Men, which was awesome, and Walkout, which wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen, but had some politically motivated passion moments.


The Liberator Trailer

The Liberator Release Date

August 2014.

Who’s In It?

Edgar Ramirez… Simon Bolivar
Erich Wildpret… Antonio Jose de Sucre
Maria Valverde… Maria Therese Bolivar

What’s Good About It?

The Liberator tells the story of a hero to millions around the world. Bolivar is, for many folks, as much a freedom fighter as George Washington and John Adams. He certainly helped form the government of Columbia, and while that didn’t work out so well – unless you like cocaine – but he nevertheless did somewhat help his people gain freedom and a voice in their government. I’m not sure how well governed Columbia is at this point, but I think once upon a time it wasn’t so bad.

What’s Bad About It?

I suppose there are some folks who won’t agree with The Liberator’s take on Bolivar. There’s always some jackass who will say he was a bad guy. He might have been, but I think it’s pretty rare for a powerful guy like him to not be seen as at least a little bit of a jerk. It’s practically a job qualification.

Our Clever Prediction

The Liberator will likely not make a whole lot of moolah in the US, but I could definitely see it making bank in Spanish speaking countries, and it’s possible it’ll help star Edgar Ramirez reach the next level as an actor. Especially if he can get a nomination out of this.
[schema type=”movie” name=”The Liberator” description=”A Biopic of the life of Simon Bolivar, the South American revolutionary hero.” director=”Alberto Arvelo” actor_1=”Edgar Ramirez” ]