The Ledge (2011)


The Ledge is a thriller about a man standing on a (dun dun duh) ledge who says he has to jump at noon or someone he loves will die.

Do you hate Christians? The writers of this film do. Essentially, a faithful fundamentalist Christian father hates his wife’s lover, and he forces the man to stand on a ledge, and jump, or he’ll kill his wife, who I guess the lover really loves.

Personally, I just MAKE love to them, but I never let my heart enter into the equation. They might end up hurt, but I’m cool as ice, baby.

The Ledge

Matthew Chapman wrote and directed The Ledge. He doesn’t have much directing experience, but he wrote The Runaway Jury and What’s the Worst That Could Happen?, so I guess he’s okay. And by “okay” I mean that What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Was surprisingly good for a movie starring Martin Lawrence.

The Ledge Trailer

The Ledge Release Date

June 29, 2011.


Who’s In It?

  Charlie Hunnam … Gavin
  Patrick Wilson … Joe
  Liv Tyler … Shauna
  Terrence Howard … Hollis
  Christopher Gorham
  Jaqueline Fleming … Angela
  Monica Acosta … Housekeeper
  Mike Pniewski … Lt. Markowitz
  Jillian Batherson … Harper
  Katia Gomez … Selena
  Mindy Caraccioli … Hotel Clerk
  Dean J. West … Frank
  Amber Gaiennie … News Anchor
  Melody Noel … Girl with dog
  Sean Paul Braud … Cop
  Jason Johnson … Police Officer
  Thomas C. Daniel … Cop
  Don Lincoln … Man on Street
  Geraldine Singer … Doctor
  Gracie McCauley … 5 year old girl
  Nathan Alan Thomas … Camera man
  Alyssa Tate … Young Girl
  Cindy Williamson … Downtown bystander
  Michele Van … Young Girls Mother
  Maverick Boudreaux … Cameraman

What’s Good About It?

The concept would be pretty good if it wasn’t for the fundamentalist Christian thing. It feels completely unnecessary to the story. Men who aren’t religious also get pissed when their wives cheat on them.

What’s Bad About It?

The Christian angle bugs me. It feels like a cheap shot.

Our Clever Prediction

Limited release. No doubt the film will make little money. Oh well, another flop for Terrence Howard.