Sunlight Jr. (2013) – Naomi Watts Gets Pregnant and Loses Her Job

sunlight jr

Sunlight Jr. is a drama about a low income woman in love with a disabled alcoholic who gets pregnant, loses her job, and has to resist the advances of her ex. Life gets complicated for her.

Melissa is the lead here, played by Naomi Watts. She has a minimum wage job and lives in Florida. She works at a convenience store and lives in a crappy motel with her boyfriend, who desperately wants to help take care of her, but is struggling with his own alcoholism and disability. He lives off government disability and they get by, but just barely. Then Justin, her ex shows up. He wants her back, but just for the physical lovin.

As she’s Naomi Watts, I can’t blame him.

But she gets pregnant, and the resulting exhaustion causes her to fall asleep on the job, which then causes her to get fired. Now the shit has hit the fan. Melissa needs to find a way to fix her life in a meaningful way.

Sunlight Jr.

Sunlight Jr. comes from writer/director Laurie Collyer. Collyer’s biggest success to date would have to be 2006’s Sherrybaby, which starred Maggie Gyllenhaal. She’s made a few other short films but nothing else really big time.


Sunlight Jr. Trailer

Sunlight Jr. Release Date

November 2013.

Who’s In It?

Naomi Watts . . . Melissa Winters
Matt Dillon . . . Richie
Norman Reedus . . . Justin
Tess Harper . . . Kathleen 
Antoni Corone . . . Edwin

What’s Good About It?

Sunlight Jr. has a quality cast, mostly held up by Naomi Watts, though Matt Dillon is said to be giving one of the best performances of his career here, so there’s that too. Norman Reedus is cool, but mainly when he’s killing zombies with a crossbow.

I don’t think there will be zombies though.

What’s Bad About It?

The film is said to be going to theaters, but also to On Demand, in November, meaning it’s only getting a token theatrical release. I’d prefer it be a full release. Watts has Diana coming out this year, and that’ll get a ton of love from the critics and award shows, so she should have a nice notoriety bump right when Sunlight Jr. will come out.

Our Clever Prediction

I think there’s a good chance Sunlight Jr. will be a quality film, and win over a lot of folks with the quality of the performances and story. The trailer looks good and the actors are talented. It may not be a particularly commercial film, but that’s not the only way to judge a film.

Oh wait. It is.

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