Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) – A new Snow white movie


Well, here we go again. Snow White is being remade for 2012, but not to its original form. This time the new Snow White Movie is a much darker tale, and this movie has some serious star power in it.

Snow White 2012

In this new Snow White ‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘, its a somewhat darker twist on the legendary tale. This time around Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and the seven dwarfs, look to reclaim their destroyed kingdom. Kristen Stewart is the new Snow White…. and the evil Queen (Julia Roberts) steals control of a kingdom, and Snow White enlists the help of seven dwarfs to get back her birthright. Notice how the I said ‘dwarfs’ and not ‘little people’? Because Hollywood is taking the word ‘dwarfs’ out of the title, so they don’t offend.. well.. dwarfs. Seems crazy. What other movie titles should we change to make sure we don’t hurt peoples feelings?

Snow White 2012 (Snow White and the Huntsman) also stars Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the object of their affection, Prince Andrew Alcott, and Nathan Lane (The Birdcage) as the hapless servant to the Queen.

Snow White Trailer

Kristen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno by robstenlustcom

Snow White Release Date

Later in 2012, but probably before the earth is wiped out.

Snow White 2012 Pictures


Who’s In Snow White?

Charlize Theron (The Evil Queen), Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman) and Sam Claflin (Prince Charmant) have been confirmed, and yes.. Kristen Stewart is the new Snow White.

Mare Winningham (Brothers) as Baker Margaret, Michael Lerner (Elf) as Baron, Robert Emms (War Horse) as Renbock, and Mark Povinelli (Water for Elephants), Jordan Prentice (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), Danny Woodburn (Watchmen), Sebastian Saraceno (Bedtime Stories), Ronald Lee Clark (Epic Movie), Martin Klebba (Pirates of The Caribbean) and Joey Gnoffo (The Benchwarmers) as the Seven Dwarfs.

What’s Good About It?

Not sure yet. The Huntsmen is taking a darker twist on the classic story, so is this good or bad? We don’t want to commit on a side either way, but I suppose if original concepts are any idea, Snow White and the Huntsman could be decent enough. Although, none of us feel Kristen Stewart is capable of leading a movie to a decent finish, she could prove us wrong…

What’s Bad About It?

I am tired of watching them redoing the classics, and making it dark and sexy for today’s youth. Like our social values haven’t eroded enough the last 20 years, that now we have to start butchering all our childhood classic movies?

Our Clever Prediction

Julia Roberts used to mean an automatic success. However, her last few projects haven’t been great financially, by her standards, so I’m reserving judgement on this.


  1. Chris Hemsworth? You got me with this! They should have taken Kristin Kreuk though. She was gorgeous Snow White back then while Kristen Stewart is … emotionally handicapped. She got that drama face all the time >.>

  2. They should just chose DIFFERENT fairy tales instead of messing with the classics!! (Which, by the way, are becoming over-used too!) They should find a nice fairy tale-ish story and make a movie out of THAT.
    Also! Why Kristen Stewart?! O_o I mean, she does NOT come to mind when I think of someone that looks like Snow White. Like, in all the movies I’ve seen with her (No not just twilight!) she doesn’t have the largest emotional range. :\

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