Prince Avalanche (2013)

prince avalanche

Prince Avalanche is a comedy from Your Highness director David Gordon Green. The film follows two men in 1988 who spend the summer living in the woods. They get angry with one another and fight, but also find some new things out that help them grow as people. I think.

The men are highway road workers, with Paul Rudd playing the “normal” one, and Emile Hirsch possibly playing the moderately retarded brother of Rudd’s girlfriend. They likely have some problems with their ladies, who are probably not too happy about being left behind for the summer. And hilarity should thus ensue.

Prince Avalanche

Prince Avalanche was written and directed by David Gordon Green. Like I’ve said, he made Your Highness, as well as Pineapple Express, which was sorta a hit. Meh. Stoner stuff mostly.


Prince Avalanche Trailer

Prince Avalanche Release Date

August 16, 2013.

Who’s In It?

Paul Rudd… Alvin
Emile Hirsch… Lance
Lance LeGault… Truck Driver
Joyce Payne… Lady
Gina Grande… Madison
Lynn Shelton… Voice of Madison (voice)
Larry Kretschmar… Lumberjack
Enoch Moon… Lumberjack

David L. Osborne Jr.

What’s Good About It?

Paul Rudd has a funny mustache. That should be funny. Emile Hirsch, when he’s not being a pretentious tiny little man, can actually be sorta funny on occasion.

What’s Bad About It?

The trailer looks kinda boring. It might prove to be charming, especially with Paul Rudd, but it might also be a turd. I have little hope for it to be honest.

Our Clever Prediction

Paul Rudd is a decent draw at the box office, but this looks pure indie and will likely fly beneath most people’s radar. Expect a low box office and little overall success. Sorry.