Nut Job 2- Visual ride with ups and downs

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Nut Job 2 is the sequel of movie Nut Job released in January 2014. the sequel shows the battle of animals and cruel human in a heroic way but as not expected about the movie there are so many breaking points which makes this sequel less impressive then the original one.

Story– Slurry the main character of the movie along with his friends Andy, Precious and Buddy try to save the home where they live with other animals. The mayor of Oakton city try to seize that land and make the negative intention to create the Amusement park by Bulldozing the house of Andy, Buddy, Precious along with other animals.


The movie is all about the battle of these creatures with the Oakton city mayor who is business minded and want to create an Amusement park over the shelter of heroes’ in the film.In order to take back this city park which is the home for many animals, the animals try to stop the cruel mayor, his mad daughter, and filthy animal control officer who make a team of three against them to change their home into an Amusement park. The tale of the movie is basically based on 2 movie characters that are Slurry and Mayor. But the other character from both the sides looks as good as these two in the movie.The movie is loved by animation lovers and kids as it is a kiddie adventure ride for the kids who love to watch cartoons with such battling storyline.

Review– Well the movie has made his mark in the theaters like the first one. Many people liked the battle of Slurry & friends with the cruel mayor & his team in an animated video ride. Thought the second part is more often comes up with some breakpoints in the sequel but still the movie manages to entertain and hold the crowd on their seat till the end.

The character of Slurry is loved by everyone and it has become a heroic symbol among kids. Though the movie also portraits the kind message of victory of kindness over cruelty with this animated story.

Overall Nut job 2 lacks in many key points such as fun storylines, crackling jokes like in the part 1 which attracted adults and little kids both but one main strong throw of this sequel which was same in part 1 were the visual momentum of the film. Graphics, cinematography along with the direction make this film a liked one among all in the context of animation and cartoon part.

Star cast – Bobby Cannavale, Bobby Moynihan, Gabriel Iglesias, Isabela Moner, Jackie Chan, Jeff Dunham, Katherine Heigl, Maya Rudolph, Peter Stormare, and Will Arnett.

Director-  Callan Brunker

Runtime-  91 Minutes