Monsters Inc 2 (2012)


Fans of Monsters Inc. can rejoice, as Disney Pixar has plans to release a sequel to the hit movie in 2012. Details of Monsters Inc. 2 are being tucked away pretty well at this time.

The Scoop

Details about the story of the Monsters Inc. 2 have finally been revealed, and it appears the new Monsters Inc is a prequel. Is this shocking? It shouldn’t be, the movie had nowhere to go forwards.

Monsters Inc. 2 will take us back to before a time when Mike Wazowski was top comedian, before James P. Sullivan was top scarer, even before the buddies joined the MI workforce. In fact, it takes us all the way back to school – the University of Fear to be precise. Although the two start out as frenemies, Monsters, Inc. 2 will weave the tale of how the dynamic duo transition from rivals to BFF.”

No news if Monsters Inc. 2 will be in 3D yet. Lets hope not, there’s no reason for it.

Why you care

You have young kids, and were a fan of the first Monsters Inc. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the film, but maybe the new Monsters Inc movie will fix some of the problems I had with it.

Movie Release Date

Monsters Inc 2 will be relased November 16, 2012

Who’s In It?

We can only assume John Goodman and Billy Crystal will be in the animation.

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What’s Good About It?

Fun for the whole family.

What’s Bad About It?

Anything with Billy Crystal is hard to stomach, even if its only his voice. Also, we can only wish this doesn’t put a hold on Incredibles 2 by making this movie instead.

Our Clever Prediction

Obviously Monsters Inc 2 will be … huge.


  1. y r u guys making a new movie when “Monster Inc.” was made 9 years ago??? y couldn’t u guys make it early now we have wait 2 year to watch “Monster Inc. 2” and that time when it comes out it will be 11 years since the first one came out. But on the other hand I do look forward to watching your new Disney Pixar movie. good luck with the movie it will be a big hit when it comes out!!!!! thanks for your movie talent effort!!!

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