Men, Women & Children (2014) – Jason Reitman explores Love in The Internet Age

men women and children

Men, Women & Children is a drama about a group of high school students and their parents as they attempt to navigate the increasingly complex and difficult sexual situations of our world.

The main thing that’s changed for the film is the internet. The way people talk to one another, the way they describe sexual things through texts and instant messages is very different than most of us communicate in real life. Plus, the proliferation of pornography and access to prostitutes has made sex a very different experience than it used to be. The teenagers think of sex in an overly aggressive way because of porn, but still seek to connect on an emotional level with another person. Unfortunately, that sort of sex doesn’t really lend itself to healthy relationships. It seems like pretty much every pornstar has a history of sexual abuse, so I doubt they’re having regular people sex.

But the parents are trying to deal with things in a very similar way. They have lives that are more complex than ever before, with the lines between home life and work life ever-blurring, and the ease of having an illicit affair with websites like Ashley Madison has really made some relationships difficult.

The film aims to show that no one is immune from these changes in our world. We’re all fucked.

Men, Women & Children

Men, Women & Children comes from super awesome director Jason Reitman, of Juno and Up In the Air fame. He is both directing and wrote the screenplay, based on the novel by Chad Kultgen.


Men, Women & Children Trailer

Men, Women & Children Release Date

October 17, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Adam Sandler … Don Truby
Jennifer Garner … Patricia Beltmeyer 
Rosemarie DeWitt … Rachel Truby
Judy Greer … Joan Clint 
Dean Norris … Kent Mooney
Emma Thompson
Timothee Chalamet
Olivia Crocicchia … Hannah
Kaitlyn Dever … Brandy Beltmeyer 
Ansel Elgort … Tim
Katherine Hughes … Brooke Benton
Elena Kampouris … Allison Doss
Travis Tope
David Denman
Jason Douglas
Dennis Haysbert
J.K. Simmons

What’s Good About It?

Men, Women & Children has one heck of a cast, and a great director. I think it has every chance of really making a splash both at the box office and during awards season.

What’s Bad About It?

My one issue with this is the potential the film has to kinda miss its mark regarding the new social interactions. This is an ever-evolving subject that makes it incredibly difficult to accurately depict in a movie. Considering how long a film takes to write then get made and into theaters, our understanding of the internet will already be quite different. Two or threes is a long time in the internet age, and everything will be different in a very short period of time. Whenever a film tries to focus on this subject it comes across as out of touch.

Our Clever Prediction

Men, Women & Children will likely be a pretty good film, considering Jason Reitman is at the helm. His cast is extremely solid and it looks like it’s doing a good job of showing the effects of technology on our lives and relationships without making the technology itself the focus. This seems to be about the emotion behind these things, and how we’re both getting what we need, and often not getting what we need.