Machete Kills Features Beautiful Ladies & 12 Years a Slave a Fantastic Performance!

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Machete Kills brings the ladies front and center and 12 Years a Slave wants to live!

Machete Kills

I love this new featurette on the women in Machete Kills. Specifically, I love that Michelle Rodriguez believes the film attracts a male AND female audience. If more than six girls see this movie without having been dragged to it by their boyfriends, I’d be amazed.

I mean, I get why a guy would pay to see Sofia Vergara with machine gun boobies, but why would a girl give a darn? It’s kinda stupid, and that’s coming from a guy so girls must think this is the lowest of the low.

12 Years a Slave

I think this might be the year for Chiwetel Ejiofor to really break through as a big time actor. He’s been amazing for years, but I think he might find Oscar gold with 12 Years a Slave. Take this fantastic new film clip, where he gives a heartbreaking performance as the lead, and he talks about not wanting to simply survive, but to live. It’s a phenomenal performance, and one very much so worth taking in more than once. I think he has every chance at Oscar gold. Every chance.