Locke (2014) – Tom Hardy in a Car. For 90 Minutes. Yep


Locke is a thriller/suspense drama about a man finding his life is unraveling around him over the course of a single car ride. He’s worked hard to make a good life for himself, and with a single phone call it starts crashing down around him.

I don’t have the full specifics of the film yet, but I believe the whole thing takes place during a single car ride, with star Tom Hardy on screen the entire time, and him receiving a phone call that means doom for him moving forward. I don’t know a whole lot about the film other than what I’ve said thus far, though Hardy plays Ivan Locke, and he has a good job and a wife, and the next day after the film’s timeframe is supposed to be a crowning achievement for him, but then some decision or action from his past comes back to haunt him, and things go from good to bad to worse pretty quickly. He mentions one little mistake, and how that makes his whole world come crashing down. It sounds pretty cool.


Locke was written and directed by Steven Knight, who is mostly known for his writing thus far, with Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things in his list of credits, though he only a little directing experience.


Locke Trailer

Locke Release Date

April 18, 2014 – UK Release Date

Who’s In It?

Tom Hardy . . . Ivan Locke
Ruth Wilson . . . Katrina
Andrew Scott . . . Donal
Tom Holland . . . Eddie
Ben Daniels . . . Gareth
Olivia Colman . . . Bethan 

What’s Good About It?

Locke looks very good, and has been getting rave reviews for both the intensity of the story and Tom Hardy’s performance. The concept sounds decent enough, and I liked Steven Knight’s writing for Eastern Promises, so hopefully he worked just as hard and inspired for Locke.

What’s Bad About It?

90 minutes of looking only at Tom Hardy might sound fun, but it’s an awful long time for a single actor to command the screen, even for an actor as talented as Hardy.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think Locke will be a terribly popular film, even with Hardy’s degree of star power driving it. I think it’ll be good, and garner some rave reviews (which it already has), but it’ll be a little difficult for most audiences to digest.

But hey, what do I know? EVERYTHING, MOFOS.