Felony (2014) – Australian Police Corruption

Felony film still

Felony follows three detectives. The first is a hero cop who gets drunk and makes a tragic mistake. The second tries to help him cover up his crime. The third tries to expose the truth.

Felony is set in Australia, and starts out with one cop, Malcolm Toohey (Joel Edgerton), getting shot in the line of duty, but surviving. The night his police buddies are toasting him, he has a few too many drinks, and hits a kid on a bicycle as he drives home. He calls in ambulances, but makes up a story about the kid having fallen off his bike and hitting his head. The kid is in a coma, and may not survive.

On the scene, a seasoned detective shows up with a young protege, and they investigate the case, but the older detective sets up the alibi, and makes sure the case isn’t investigated too thoroughly. They make sure it looks like it was just the kid falling. The hero cop is called even more of a hero, and he can’t live with the guilt. The young protege detective wants to make sure justice is served, and the three struggle to come to grips with what happened.


Felony comes from director Matthew Saville, and a screenplay by star Joel Edgerton. Saville is likely best known for Noise, a 2007 film. I believe he’s an Aussie. Edgerton is a pretty well known actor at this point, though he isn’t too well known as a writer yet. He did come up with the story for The Rover, which looks like another solid Aussie film. So… cool.


Felony Trailer

Felony Release Date

August 28, 2014 – Australia

Who’s In It?

Joel Edgerton . . . Malcolm Toohey
Tom Wilkinson
Melissa George
Jai Courtney

What’s Good About It?

Felony has a solid cast, with Edgerton and Courtney being solid young studs, and Wilkinson being one of the best in the business at this point. I think there’s every chance these three will turn in exceptional performances and really elevate this story of police corruption in Australia.

What’s Bad About It?

Well, it’s Australia. It’d be better if it was AMERICA. I bleed red, white, and blue. Which I should have looked at. Isn’t blood supposed to be just red?

Our Clever Prediction

Felony probably won’t be a massive commercial success, though it might make a few dollars, and could be a solid stepping stone for Edgerton as a writer, and Courtney as a dramatic actor. So far he’s been more of an action star type stud.