Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom tells the life story of Nelson Mandela. It's based on his autobiography and stars Idris Elba. I won't run...
the way way back3

The Way, Way Back (2013)

The Way, Way Back is a coming of age film about a young man on summer break dealing with his mom's new boyfriend, who's...

Movie 43 (2013) Preview and Trailer

Preview and restricted trailer for the upcoming comedy Movie 43

CBGB (2013)

You are never going to guess what CBGB is about. Done guess? It's about the legendary club in New York! I...

Black Hats (2013)

Black Hats is the story of an aging Wyatt Earp working as a PI and movie consultant when he starts gunning again because his...
the conjuring

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring Movie preview, trailer and review.

Parkland (2013)

Parkland tells the tale of the people who surrounded the death of John F. Kennedy. From the ER doctor who did his best...
fading gigolo

Fading Gigolo (2013)

Fading Gigolo tells the story of a pair of best friends who get into male prostitution. John Turturro plays the gigolo. Woody...
aint them bodies saints

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a crime drama about a Texas convict who took the blame for his wife's crime, and after spending a...

Mobius (2013)

Mobius is a thriller about an FSB agent who falls in love with a trader who's involved with a mobster. That's basically all I know...
girl most likely

Girl Most Likely (2013)

Girl Most Likely is a coming of age tale of a woman in her thirties who works as a playwright but has a meltdown,...
47 ronin2

47 Ronin (2013)

47 Ronin is a new action film about a group of samurai out to avenge their master. Interesting note: samurai stories are always...
tyler perrys a madea christmas

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (2013)

Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas is, naturally, a Tyler Perry movie starring his most famous character, Madea, in a Christmas story. Madea works...
last vegas2

Last Vegas (2013)

Last Vegas is a comedy about 4 sixty-somethings who go to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of the last of them to get...

Escape From New York (2013)

Snake Plissken is making a return to the big screen in 2013, in a remake of the Escape From New York. Good or bad,...