Before I Go To Sleep (2014) – A Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth Thriller!


Before I Go To Sleep is a thriller about a woman who forgets everything about her life every time she goes to sleep. But slowly, with the help of her psychiatrist, she starts to remember, and the truth is horrifying.

It’s kinda hard to understand exactly what the story will be, since it’s meant to be a mystery and quite suspenseful, but I get the impression both the woman’s husband and her psychiatrist don’t have her best interests in mind. I think she’s banging the psychiatrist, but that’s not totally clear from the trailer.

What is clear is the woman suffered some sort of trauma, which may have been a car accident, but may have been something else entirely. Something sinister.

My guess? Her husband beat her, which caused a miscarriage, and the psychological trauma was so great she shut down emotionally and started to forget things. The psychiatrist wants to help her, and gets the impression that there’s something really bad going on, but he also likes banging forgetful chicks, so it gets worse and worse.

That’s totally a guess though. If I get it right, having watched only a 97 second trailer, I should get a prize.

Before I Go To Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep comes from Rowan Joffe, who is mostly known for his writing on such films as The American and 28 Weeks Later, but has a bit of directing experience too. He wrote the screenplay, which is based on the novel by S.J. Watson, who would be so much cooler if his/her name were MJ Watson, so I could imagine she’s Mary Jane Watson, aka Spider-Man’s sexy redhead wife.


Before I Go To Sleep Trailer

Before I Go To Sleep Release Date

October 31, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Nicole Kidman
Colin Firth
Mark Strong

What’s Good About It?

Before I Go To Sleep has an insane cast, with Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong taking on the leading roles. Kidman pretty much always impresses, and Firth has been solid for his whole career. And Strong has come along nicely in the last few years to become one of my favorite actors. This is a good cast.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t have anything bad to say at present.

Our Clever Prediction

I could see Before I Go To Sleep being a hit. It has the cast, an intriguing story, and some good moments in the trailer. It isn’t straight up scary, and doesn’t have ghosts or gore, so it might not play particularly well to the horror crowd, but for those that like good filmmaking and suspense, this might work nicely.