All is By My Side (2014) – Jimi Hendrix Biopic with Andre Benjamin!

all is by my side

All Is By My Side is a biopic of the life of Jimi Hendrix, or at least the few years before his fame, and maybe into some of his rise to super stardom.

The film will show the people who helped, and hurt Jimi, from love affairs with beautiful women that inspired him to music producers and label dudes who tried to take advantage of his talent. Andre Benjamin is playing Jimi, and he certainly has a similar enough look, and from the few clips below, it sounds like he’s got the voice down as well. It’s tough to say if the film will use Jimi’s persona as a basis, or try to dig into the musician underneath. Honestly, it’s tough to say where the public Jimi ended and the private Jimi started. He was an honest guy and a superb artist, but I always think he sounds sorta funny in interviews. Maybe that’s how he really sounded when he was talking, but it sounds a bit like a show to me.

Still, it’s a Jimi Hendrix movie, and looks to be capturing the vibe of the times and the man who lived high in those moments.

All Is By My Side

All Is By My Side comes from writer/director John Ridley, who wrote the screenplay for 12 Years a Slave, which of course he just won an Oscar, so he’s definitely got talent. He has a handful of other writing credits, though 12 Years a Slave is his most recent and best known work.


All Is By My Side Trailer

All Is By My Side Release Date

May 9, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Andre Benjamin… Jimi Hendrix
Imogen Poots… Linda Keith
Hayley Atwell… Kathy Etchingham
Ruth Negga… Ida
Ashley Charles… Keith Richards

What’s Good About It?

I love Jimi Hendrix, and I’d love to see an honest portrayal of the man. Andre Benjamin, as I understand it, really fought for the role, and I think has a true love for the artist, so he’ll approach it with a lot of respect I think.

What’s Bad About It?

Any biopic struggles with being too reverent to the man, and not honest enough with the portrayal, and there’s the issue of some figures, such as Hendrix, who can be very enigmatic, and that means the portrayal might be one that’s accurate for the filmmakers, but not for the fans. Or at least some of the fans.

Our Clever Prediction

All Is By My Side currently only has a Swedish release date, and doesn’t look like it’ll be a big success. That said, if you’re a fan of the musician, give it a look. It should be interesting at the very least!