A X-Men: Days of Future Past & Non-Stop TV spots, and a 300 Rise of an Empire Featurette!

300 rise of an empire jan 27

First, it’s my birthday! Okay, now on to stuff my mom cares about: X-Men: Days of Future Past spends a semester abroad, 300: Rise of an Empire has a new behind the scenes featurette, and Non-Stop has 2 new TV spots!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has released its first international TV spot, this one for the Japanese market I do believe, and it has some nice shots of the various cast members, though there isn’t too much new stuff to really get my blood pumping. I do like that “X-Men” does not translate into Japanese. I also like that for a film that doesn’t come out until May we already have a TV spot at the beginning of February.

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has a new featurette that doesn’t have a ton of focus. It’s sort of about the story, the characters, and the actors, but it also about the visual aesthetic and the style of the film, and how this is the REAL 300, so the others are just imposters. Whatevs. It looks good.


Non-Stop has 2 new TV spots that really focus on the intensity of the film and the relentless, some might even call it NON-STOP, action. At the very least it looks like there’ll be some intensity to the story, which is cool, and I like that the film is so obviously a concept that some studio head thought “YEAH, Let’s do it!” Then he did a bunch of cocaine. I like those types of stories. Good stuff. Every once in a while you can almost see the white powder cloud in the air.