300: Rise of an Empire TV spot, X-Men: Days of Future Past Pics, Spider-Man & More!

xmen days of future past feb 17

300: Rise of an Empire shows dueling speeches, X-Men: Days of Future Past shows a rockin’ Professor, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has 2 new featurettes that I halfway cared about!

300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire has a new TV spot that shows the rousing speeches by both the Greek leader and the Persian leader. Honestly, I think this might detract from the film as time goes on. I don’t mind seeing more of the motivations and characters on the Greek side, but I think it’ll change up the dynamic from the original film, which really made the Greeks the good guys, and the Persian’s a somewhat faceless, or simply put an alien, strange enemy, to contend with. That sentence didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but the idea is that the original film was more stupid, and made the Persians weird so it would be easy to root for the good guys. This looks to change things up.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has a new photo of James McAvoy looking like a real rock star as Professor Charles Xavier. He looks like awesome, and definitely would be welcome reading my mind. And I’m not gay. Well, not too gay. Kinda gay. Okay, I’m gay for McAvoy. But only with that long, sexy hair. I need to look at Jennifer Lawrence again to get my priorities straight, and, you know, myself straight.

BUT WAIT! There’s also an old man Professor X pic, and he’s in the same position as the first one of young, rockstar hair Professor X! But I’m not getting a woody from the photo. At least, not as much of one. This is a confusing day.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has 2 new featurettes today, the first on how eco-friendly the film is… which is a stupid idea and damn near put me to sleep. Really? We’re caring about how eco-friendly a Spider-Man movie is? I’m all cool with something being green, but this is not a selling point for seeing a movie. “Hey! This movie might be shit and have a horrible plot, but it’s green! Yay!” At least they compost in the kitchen. THAT was a fact I needed to know. God, I wish I could be the green person of the week. Starseeker should do that. Hey, Dean! I ate a hot dog today! Reward that! I consider it green and eco-friendly to eat a hot dog for breakfast. I may not understand “the environment,” or “grammar” or “when to use quotation marks.”

Come on.

The second featurette is way more interesting, and actually matters to the quality of the film. It covers a lot more of the comedy and relationships in the film, and it’s working very well for me. I like the jokes, and the way they layer in the humor looks like it’ll keep the film lighthearted enough even as there are some heavier topics.